My Hobby Car

We really need a Hobby to energize our spirit. Having a hobby is a wonderful thing that can help us, make us energized. One of the Hobbies I cherish is my love for driving. Driving is a pleasant hobby for me. It is a bit expensive hobby because of the skyrocketing oil prices in India. Now the price of petrol is almost 50 Rupees, and I am afraid that having a petrol car is on the side of luxury than necessity. When I am bored, just take the car, get out of the Highways, go around the small villages, and enjoy the beautiful nature, feel the fresh wind...Whenever my spirit is down, I cheer it up by having a drive. The landscape is wonderful here, just get out of the Highways, turn South and you are facing the Western Ghats and the rural villages, green farms and the wind is fresh soothing your spirits.
Sunday evenings I go for my customary drive, not much, just 40 – 60 KM. Sometimes I am energized by the thrill of driving the car in high speeds. Love to drive in 100 plus and it is a wonderful feeling. I have to be cautious, especially in the Indian roads, men/women crossing the road, bicycle/motorcycles on the middle of the road - not giving way for passing vehicles, buffaloes and cows sometimes… My Blakk Styil - Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport gives me confidence in such moments, drive cautiously and safely.

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